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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

Originally Posted by bodydropped View Post
a turbo would be a cool idea on these motors. but scrap that idea and think supercharger,turbos rock on other motors but on ours they would basically be pumping hot air in our motors if we even got them to spool,and i dont think that would happen unless maybe we had a jack shaft set up and a whole lot of road.
now for giggles lets take a tiny turbo i mean little one from a DSM like an eclipse or a talon or an old duster lolol
remove the hot side the exaust and attach a gear a gear the could be driven by an extension from our clutch shaft gear with an extension. boost or psi would be determined by gearing on the blower and clutch shaft/hot side oiling is not so hard make it a sealed unit by boxing in the hot side of the turbo and keep the fins to aid in oil circulation and run a straight 40 or 50 weight oil in the blower.

what the heck right give it a shot,but dont forget you may want to look at blow thru carbs cause forced induction is not what kills these motors not even nitrous,nope not at all its poor tuning,that means you need the right timing the correct A/F ratios to get it dialed in, know the motors limits we dont have forged rods or pistons yet so take it easy.ive made stock bottom end 4cyl hondas go from 90hp to the wheels to 210hp with 7psi the key was in the tune. before boosting it get the motor tuned play with the carb the exaust ,port the head if you like try different plugs,then if thats not enough try boost but i hope you have a big budget ahh im just rambling now but i really think a belt or chain driven turbo/supercharger is possible on our little motors.
Tap. Tap. Tap. Is this thing on?

I will try to paint an analogy to make this concept easier to grasp:

The balloon has a hole in it. It doesn't matter how good you are at blowing air, the balloon will never inflate. (you will not achieve a boost condition with a piston ported 2 stroke.)

The hole in question isn't exactly a pin prick. It even has a name. It is called "Exhaust Port"

You must solve this problem first. You must plug the hole. Until you plug it with something you can blow all day long and you will accomplish diddly.

Calling it a supercharger was a good start however. At least a supercharger is some form of compressor and not just a fan. Fan's move air very well but they don't compress air very well. Fan's don't blow balloons up very well.

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