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Default Re: Home Brew Hair Dryer turbo.

I love boost.
Adding boost to a 4 stroke engine = not that difficult.
Adding boost to a 2 stroke piston ported engine = very very tough to do. (it has been done tho.)

One of the best threads on this subject is here:

Essentially the problem is that there are no valves to hold the boost in on a piston ported engine. No valves = no boost.

It doesn't matter how much air you can move or the pressure you can achieve if it just moves right through.

It is doable with an expansion chamber but this makes for a super peaky motor. Not something that will work very well on the street.

This subject comes up in one form or another every couple of months. We should probably write a definitive article that we can point people to so that they can see the hurdles they will have to overcome.
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