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Default Re: Motorized bicycle resistance?

I got this on Sunday...I stopped to ask a "bicycle guy" about the bikes he had for sale this weekend and he looked at me (I walk with a pretty good limp since a drunk driver tried to kill me 10 years ago) and he said "What are you going to do with them?" I said "Whadda ya' mean? I'm gonna RIDE 'EM." He said "Uh huh, well, that one is a hundred bucks." It was a well used (really beat up)MtB, a Schwinn Sidewinder....then added "Well, it's a SCHWINN ya' know. I rolled my eyes and said "Yeah, I know, is that an English, American, or Chinese Schwinn?" He stuttered and I said "That's what I thought and turned around and left.

Good thing I didn't get to the part where I had to ruin his day with "I'm gonna put a bicycle motor on it."
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