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Default I'm up and running

Well, I finally got my engine and bike's a Trek 850 with an 80cc engine. Installation wasn't too bad but had some trouble getting it started at first. Had to tinker with clutch plate tension. I've had it going for a week now and am riding all over Corpus Christi with it. I just got a cyclometer today so now I can see mph, log miles, and figure mileage.

A couple of questions.........

1) I've used mid grade gas during break-in. If I go to premium will I see any increase in power or effeciency?
2) My gas line seems to leak. I zip tied the line to the nipple coming out of the shut off valve and have tightened the screws on the valve but it still leaks. Should I replace the gasket? Is this a common problem like with weed-eaters?
3) Are there any commonly wearing parts that I need to stock in reserve? Like the clutch plate? Any suggestions would be appreciated here.
4) Are there any riders in Corpus Christi who would like to hook up? I live near Oso Bay.

Thanks guys...............luvin my bike........willl try to post some pics.
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