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Default Re: MA Bicycle on train tracks hobby or large scale.

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
A friend of mine is into that and put one of my engines on his railbike. I got to try it. Even on abandoned tracks weeds and other obstructions make it a very dangerous passtime not to mention it's illegal.

There are books and abandoned railines all over. Insted of saying the sky is blue and there is no such thing as clouds. Visit the websites and subscribe. Yeah if one goes onto a commuter line or railway that is in use one could get whached or spanked financially or just locked up and then who knows.. Whacked?

Alrighty then.. This is global.. Google Railbike and tours and holland.. This is not just a communist law stricken country only sensation!

Ready for forced $1000 fine health insurance for freedom comrades? It's almost here and that is not even the issue told on radio or TV. Google that first.. You might need the forced healthcare riding MAB's?

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