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Default Re: Muffler/tailpipe solutions?

Saw the silicone tubing at Sickbikeparts- about 8 dollars and shipping

but I've decided I can probably make a coupling from a 16 ounce aluminum beer can- I'll wrap it around backwards with the shiney side out and use some radiator hose clamps to hold it at each end

the worm clamps come in different sizes, and I think that they may make a nifty hanger clamp- one on pipe or muffler, one on bike, and one angled the other way between those two-

At any rate, theres very little clearnce for the pipe to get past the crank arm and stay out of the chain- I really want to quiet this down- I may use aluminum cans to wrap around the muffller and for heat sheild- they seem to be just the right size, and 16 ounce ones are longer
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