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Default Re: Chain slack adjuster taking power?

Originally Posted by RPM View Post
Azbill, is your spring loaded tensioner a modification of the original? I can never seem to get the sprockets aligned perfectly center on the wheel. I always have tight spots and have to adjust the tension of the chain based on that. I've been looking for something simple like you have.

Tight spots, ya, I've battled those. My kit had a pretty crappy 44t sprocket and I had to file it to get the crap chain to even run reasonably though it. I finally bought a quality chain and it made a world of difference. The cheap chain streaches alot and unevenly. Toss the junk chain, you will be much happier. I use shims under the rear motor mound to adjust chan slack, if it's too tight, yes, you can feel the power draw in the tight spots. Best to not run it like that. The auto tensioner is nice work BTW.
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