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Default so what was your biggest goof up???

just wanted to see what everyones biggest mess up goof up or down right stupid mistake they made
while installing an engine on thier bike.

here is mine i installed the cable wrong on the carb and it was stuck wide open and at the same time the kill switch was not properly grounded this was while the bike was fresh new kit.
i wanted to test the bike so i took it for a spin when i fired up it darn near threw me off the bike it was revving like crazy i hit the kill switch and nothing so i reached down in desperation and grabbed the wires to the magneto (mistake) and man it lit me up it shocked the crap outta me. after the bike stopped running i just sat there laughing at how silly the whole thing was.

oh and another is the tensioner for the chain moved into the spokes on my other bike once and removed half the spokes and bent the rim,not so funny glad i wasnt going over 10mph at the time.
anyone else??
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