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Default Re: Oil dripping from exhaust

Sofasurferlinux asked if there is a difference between 2 cycle and other motor oils. Yes there is. I don't know all the scientific stuff, but many years ago people used 30 weight motor oil mixed with gas for 2 cycle engines, at what ratio I don't remember. Also a good while back I had a VW beetle. I checked the oil beofre heading to town one day and it was low, needing an infusion of motor's life blood... oil! I looked around and had nothing on hand but some 2 cycle for the chain saw. 12 miles to town, should I chance it with not enough oil or dump in a quart of 2 cycle? I dumped in the 2 cycle figuring "how different can it be?" Different enough since I blew the engine half way to town. it appears that you can use regular motor oil mixed with gas without damaging a 4 stroke, but ddon't use 4 stroke oil on a 2 stroke. That's the conclusion I came to as I waited on the side of the road for the wrecker to come. As I said, I don't know the scientific stuff, but i make a point now of using the right oil for the right application. 2 cycle oils are different. Some are formulated for water cooled engines and are different than those made for air cooled. What's the difference? I don't know, but apparently they are different. I do trust the amsoil from having used it for years now on bike engines, chainsaws and weed eaters. It's good stuff. I don't know if it's the best since I don't check other brands out anymore. I'm happy with what works for me. I like the no smoke feature. That's a big deal when your bucking firewood for hours at a time a foot or two away from your saw. I care about what I breathe and I care about what Mother Earth breathes, too. So yeah, oils are not all the same. My bikes seem to like it.
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