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Default Re: new to the board, have a few noob questions i'm sure have been answered.

the kick stand came from an old ccm 3 speed, they where pretty common back in the day.

my pedals are low enough that i don't really need a kick stand. i'll be removing it. if you want to pay for shipping (i'm in canada) you can have it. put i bet you could find an old one cheaper than the shipping costs.

as for my killswitch, well its wired alittle differently.
blue wire to blue wire, black wire from the engine to one side of a 12 volt 2 prong toggle switch, and the black wire from the ignition to the other side of the toggle switch. nothing is grounded to the frame.
the kill switch wont work the same (ie. turn off when depressed) you'll just have an on/off position.
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