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Default Re: belt drive, maybe?

Originally Posted by ocscully View Post
Continued from above

The clutch is from MaxTorque, the large jackshaft pulley and the driven pulley on the rear hub are from Peifer Industries, the small jackshaft driver and the jackshaft parts are from Viza Motors, the rear hub is from Nashbar. The belts to drive all of these parts will be 5mm pitch 25mm wide metric timing belts from Gates.

This is my attempt to avoid the reduction gearboxs that come with the various 4-stroke kits, as well as just to do something different.

Mama mia!!

How is it coming along? Any problems with it yet? I would love it if you sport detailed information on how it handles, top speed and error correction later when it's finished. Is that sprocket attached to the wooden bracket behind the Honda a tension pulley?

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