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Default Re: belt drive, maybe?

Originally Posted by nogoodnic View Post
I'm sure it could be done with a gear reduction and a rear wheel sheeve. I'm thinking it would be spendy, I've been told that aWhizzer sheeve is around $100 by its self. I think you will also find you might get slippage if the belt gets wet. Keep us posted, I'd like to see where this goes...Kelly

Are the 100 dollar "Sheeves" made of steel? I might want one. That might be perfect. Slippage in the rain might be corrected with belt dressing? That would be funny looking if it smokes like a loose alternator belt!

I get a lot of slippage on my friction drive and wondered if the whizzer gets the same slippage or better over all traction than a friction?

Anybody know?

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