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Default Won't idle with clutch in, help

I just got my 80cc china kit from powerking shop on ebay about a month ago and everything was working fine until randomly after I stopped at the bank and went to start it up again it had lots of trouble and sounded as if the kill switch was on as I tried to get it going, and if I turn the throttle,it makes some noise but it goes nowhere and I need to keep peddling to keep the motor running. The weird part is that if i peddle and get going fast enough, it will start running normally and I can ride it, only until I pull the clutch in or slow down, then it dies immediately. I then put the idle screw almost all the way in and it will now idle with the clutch in AFTER it has been peddled up to speed and sounds normal again. and if i shut it off and start it up again, same problem need to peddle it up to speed. I recently switched to a 25:1 from the 16:1 break in i dono if that makes a difference

I have searched through the forum but I have no Idea what the problem is. I have checked:

Spark plug color and gap
Took cylinder head off and checked cylinder walls, looks clean
took the carburetor apart and checked for stuff clogging up in there
checked fuel line, fuel is running smoothly

I am all out of Ideas can anyone help?

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