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Default Re: Oil dripping from exhaust

City of angels said...
"yes this is normal i had the same problem if this is your second tank or if this your third tank if it is you third tank i will go to 100:1 amsoil i heard really good stuff about i got a free sample i am going totry it once i run this last tank"
...I've been running Amsoil Saber Professional since day one on both my engines at a ratio of 50-1 with not problems at all. The one engine from thatsdax has a lot of miles on it, maybe a thousand. The newer one from BGF only has a few hundred. I don't really do break in, just ride them, but at the same time I don't wind the motors out to see what the breaking point is. I weigh two hundred pounds and there are some pretty steep hills up my way in northeastern Minnesota. I also use the amsoil in my chainsaws so I don[t have to breathe the fumes of normal mix with regular oil. I'm very impressed with the stuff. If you choose amsoil synthetic make sure it is the one formulated for small air cooled engines... Amsoil Saber Professional. I'll be interested to hear how it goes with a mix of 100-1. Fine I suspect. Someone mentioned in another post how expensive the synthetic oils are. I don't look at it that way. With this amsoil you're using less oil per gallon and besides, we don't use that much gas anyway. I wanted to use the best oil I could to keep my motors going. I think this is it. No, I don't sell the stuff.
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