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Default Re: Re-inventing the wheel-- probably

Originally Posted by xlite View Post
As previously mentioned these bike ignitions are marginal at best and only use half (typically negative) of the magneto cycle. You may get away with robbing power from the other (positive) half but a full wave will steal from both. Even with half wave I had to switch lights off to start the engine and plug gap had to be decreased or it would not run at all.

Now I have nothing connected to the white wire and use LED/AA bike light for illumination and choke to kill the motor.
Xlite I have done a number of tests on my half wave system. It does not affect the motor or spark in any noticeable way. In my charging system, there is no affect at all at low speeds or starting since the battery provides the EMF and not the white wire. When the motor finally gets going faster, it will deliver a voltage that is higher than the battery voltage. But by then the motor is producing so much power that you would never notice any load that the charger might draw. It is only 1 or 2 watts max out of 1500 watts.
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