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Default Re: I got the "look"...twice!

I love when we have our get togethers here in Tampa Bay. The St. Petersburg ride is awesome because we start on the Bay Side of St. Pete, and ride clear across to the Gulf side and down near the tip and back. The onlookers are everywhere. One time when we were nearing a draw bridge, a woman on a Harley was in the lane next to us, smiling and looking. The traffic slowed almost to a stop. she was still looking over just coasting at 5 mph with us. Our lane sped up so we went, and she hit the gas without looking and "WHOMP"!!! She screamed as she smacked into the back of a Porsche Carerra convertible and flipped over the handlebars into the passenger seat.

We just kept going.......

Hey, how are the laws in CA for MB's?
Venice Beach, Santa Monica has got to be a very cool run.

Originally Posted by VENICE BOY View Post
We get more looks & comments riding the motorbicycles than we do on the Harleys!!!
It's also sooo much more fun going "bar hopping" on the motorized bicycles at the beach!!!
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