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Default Re: new to the board, have a few noob questions i'm sure have been answered.

Originally Posted by Maxvision View Post
That is one beautiful, beautiful bike. I did like it better with the original pedal sprocketing from the first picture. Im assuming you did it because it was probably too hard to pedal start. If I had not seen the first picture, I would be scratching my head wondering why theres such a big hole there.

ah ha i fooled ya, if you look very close at the small sprocket on the first pic, you'll see its on the wrong side of the bike.
if you look even closer, you'll see that the chain infact goes around a pulley with no teeth.

its all fake.

the big hole in the picture will actually be filled in just like the first pic with the small sprocket.
its my fake crank case. its a tsc store pulley (farming stuff) theres a big pin and a smaller pully mounted to the assembly. the small sprocket is fastened to the crank, and the small loop of chain makes it look important. sometimes the pulley spins (friction from the chain, but most of the time it doesn't) i just wanted the motor to look alittle more bad ass! the other side of the bike (in the most recent pictures) has been this way from the get go.

i'll be welding the fake crank case (big pulley) to the frame, and then the rest of the assembly will be added.

as for the drum brakes, thats a fantastic idea.
thats why i just salvaged these.

a set of 21" puch moped rims with drum brakes. (gonna relace the drums i hope)
ya know what they say, "great minds think alike, and fools seldon differ."

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