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Default Re: Clutch pull lever

Originally Posted by RPM View Post
As I see it in the pics, the Russian lever is simple by design and works as intended. You depress the lever all the way then flip the other lever to lock it. What could be simpler.

I'd rather use something that works and is simple than something that has been improved upon aesthetically that doesn't work. Yes, their so called "improvements" may look better but thats all.
Truer words were never spoken. Like on many types of forums people get carried away with an idea and run with it (right off the cliff).

The newer "high quality" clutch levers (actually BMX brake levers) not only have issues with range but are an ergonomic disaster. When panic sets in it's virtually impossible to activate and at the same time push down that button. With the self locking Russian levers just squeeze. Unlike the new ones they are self-locking. Instinct.

I bought dozens of the old style from the infamous Bryan back when they were only 6 bucks and make big money now upgrading for those who recognize the inferiority of the new type.

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