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Default Re: Re-inventing the wheel-- probably

Originally Posted by trackfodder View Post
I was looking at a Wheezer the other day and noticed it has a battery and a means to charge it for the lights. The thought came to me cocerning the white lighting wire on the Happy Time putt putts.
I am putting one together to sell for profit and would like to put a full-wave bridge rectifier on the wire and maintain a battery with day riding so I could run a meaningful-sized headlamp bulb for night riding. Any of you electrical nerds know of a simple solid state voltage controller to prevent overcharging? How about a source of decent 6V head and tail lights? I'm sure there is a red diode for the rear, but a durable powerful headlight would be nice.
A full wave rectifier will not work and I think using the white wire at all is a bad idea.
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