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Default Muffler/tailpipe solutions?

Anybody have any tailpipe and or muffler tips-

I'm trying to quiet a 66- and I got an extended muffler and pipe from boygofast on ebay-

Doesn't fit my cruiser- so I'm thinking of cutting the old tailpipe to make a joiner-

Is there a good flexible coupling material? exterior of pipes is 7/8"

Is there copper or flexline anywhere? Havent yet looked around much-

Something to fit over ends of cut pipe and some flex might help. Will it clamp on? Don't know. I don't have brazer torch now.

also 25mm METRIC thread (I think) joins muffler to pipe- where can I find large metric fittings like this?

Also where can one get good clamps for muffler and/or pipe that would fit on the cruiser chainstay otherwise?

I was disappointed, because the part looks so damn good otherwise- chrome and long extension- recommend a more expensive one that drops UNDER bottom bracket- seems out of stock at livefast motors on e-bay.
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