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Talking Re: I got the "look"...twice!

I've been riding electric bikes for years and got the occasional comments, especially passing another cyclist going up a hill,
I'm in need of a new battery pack so I went gas and just got my first 2-stroke from Chris Hill for half the cost of a new battery pack. (Well the new lithium-ion pack I wanted anyway.)
The other day I went to the hardware store on my new gas bike, and just as I got there a police van pulled up and the cop in the passenger seat commented, 'pretty fancy bike you got there' and they drove away. Someone else saw this and thought I was getting hassled and we had a long conversation about power bikes, maybe a new convert LOL.
On the weekend I drove by a house party with three, or so, motorcycles parked on the street with some guys with beers checking them out and as I came alone and one guy shouts out something to the effect of 'way to go buddy!'.
Power bikes are certainly a conversation starter.
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