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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Ok I don't sell oil but I did work as a chemical operator for 6 years and ran distilling columns. Alcohol fuel blowby does acidify engine oil but not to nearly the degree that gasoline does. Electricity is generated by water in the northwest and that's what heats a column to create the refining and separation layers. There's no fossil fuel used at all. Fuel grade alcohol is a side draw product. And I'll need some enlightenment on how alcohol burning creates the carbon monoxide that gas burning does.
EtOH actually does acidify oil faster than gasoline. Knowing a little bit about oil and (extended) OCI's with ethanol engines does help here, but it has nothing to do with one of my jobs.

I said "IF If you used petroleum to provide the energy to produce ethanol..." Sure a lot (but not all) of our power comes from water, but I was not just talking about PNW. Still, not free. And many places do use petroleum/NG fuels for the energy.

I never said "alcohol burning creates the carbon monoxide that gas burning does." But alcohol certainly does not produce less NET greenhouse gases.

I am NOT a Biofuel hater, nor an ethanol hater. But we will never get there if we don't keep it factual.
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