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Default 12 volt down to 6 volt.

Here's the question:
I need some advice on how best to reduce the 12 volts from my battery down to 6 or 8 volts without relying on high drain items like a ballast resistor. I found this great looking light that I want to use as a tail/brake light. It is a 12 volt LED clearance light made for semi trucks and such. I tried it and it gives plenty of light for a tail light on 6 volts and my idea is to use a switch activated by my rear brake caliper to bypass whatever device you might suggest to give it a full 12 volt for a brake light. Any ideas? I have a 12 to 6 volt ballast resistor but it draws a lot of amps and will take too much 'ooopmh' from my battery. There must be a solid state device that will accomplish the task without undue battery drain but I don't know what to look for.
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