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Default Proper placement of joint binders when mounting rear sprocket

I just noticed that my chain is rubbing on my spokes because the rear sprocket is to close to the spokes. I see that I can flip my sprocket over and I will have more room. But I also wondered about the placement of the joint binders. The manual (zoombicycles) says to install both joint binders INSIDE the spokes on a free-wheel setup. I thought this seemed redundant when I installed the kit, but who am I to argue? So now I re-read the manual and I see that under the coaster-brake section it states, that "when installing on a free-wheel setup", "install one joint binder on the OUTSIDE of the spokes". This makes much more sense to me. But why is this information about a free-wheel setup specified under the coaster brake section? Me thinks there is a typo. Soooo, how should my joint binders be used on my free-wheel bike?
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