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Default Re: Chain slack adjuster taking power?

Originally Posted by jbcruisin View Post
I have an EZbike with the Hueshang engine & use the rear chain adjuster. A friend has a 2 cycle & didn't use the chain adjuster until recently. After he put it on he said he noticed a slight loss in power. Is this true? If it is I'll remove mine & readjust my chain to run without it.
It is true; but the likelyhood that it would be, "seat-of-the pants", noticeable is slim unless it was installed totally wrong.

As long as you install the tensioner correctly...i.e. the plastic guide wheel is in-line with the chain, and the chain has 1/2" of up-down movement on the slack side, you will not notice a loss in performance.

Anything that adds friction to the assembly will result in some loss of power to the rear wheel.

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