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Default Bottom Bracket Help

On my project I used a Sick Bike Parts Shift Kit. My Worksman has the large bottom bracket so I had to install a small bottom bracket (euro) adapter. I should have ordered the adapter from SBP's Sick Bike Parts (link to adapter) when I did the kit, but I didn't. I went to a local bike shop and acquired the adapter only from one shop and the bearings & races came from a different shop. I spent way more than it would have cost from SBP's. Big mistake! The adapter did not come with any installation instructions.

My problem is that the left side bearing race keeps working loose. There are only two, difficult to get to, flats to grab this particular piece. I installed it such that the left hand threads are on the left side of the bike. On the single piece crank that came off the bike all left hand threads were on the left.

I don't know if I installed the adapter backwards or do I need to use locktite on the left side. The only jam nut is on the right thread side. This puts it behind the chain ring in my current configuration. This seems a little odd to me thus raising the backwards question in my mind.
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