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Default New guy with funny noob story

Hi everyone.

My name is Mike. I live in a suburb of Tulsa, Oklahoma. I got interested in motorized bikes after a coworker built one. He let me ride his and I was hooked after one lap around our parking lot.

FedEx delivered my engine kit yesterday and I bought a Giant SedonaST yesterday afternoon. I had no major problems installing everything - mainly because I studied how my friend put his bike together.

I was excited after I installed the cables and carb today. I was rushing to get the wiring done so I could take my first ride. I mixed my gas and oil, filled the tank, then called my family out to watch the maiden ride. (I asked my wife to bring a telephone ready to call 911 just in case...)

I pedaled furiously up and down my street and couldn't get it to start. I could hear the piston moving, but the engine wasn't producing any power. I tried adjusting every lever, but nothing worked. I had a lot of trouble getting the spark plug wire to fit over the top of the plug. Maybe the plug wasn't getting any electricity. In frustration I held the kill switch down. Vrooooom! I let go of the switch and the engine died. Hmm.

In my haste, I connected the kill switch in a way that completed the blue wire to black wire circuit. It wasn't a kill switch; rather, it was an "on" switch. I puttered around my block for 15 minutes to begin the break-in process, but my thumb was really tired.

Tonight I rewired the switch correctly.

So, here it is: my moment of shame. Do any of you have any funny "why won't it start" stories?

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