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Default Re: Help us simple people understand the electrical system

it all works off induction... the fly magnet on the flywheel induces a current into the bue winding on the magneto. black is just a ground so that power has a return path.. the white wire is also a winding on the mag. when used it can steal power from the blue winding.. if you hook the kill up to it, you effectivly short out the blue wire to ground

because it's all induction the currents are low.. less than 1 amp generally.. if you hook a light more than 3 watt to the white wire it will die but theres no adverse effect other than a non running engine
you can kill it by crossing the blue and black with the kill switch. black is just a ground.

the CDI also works off induction.. electricity comes into the primary windings then when it's shut off, the feild collapses and induces the current into the secondary wiring
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