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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

Some misinformation in this thread for sure on ethanol. Ethanol takes more energy to produce by far than fossil fuels. Ethanol has a 1.6:1 penalty while petroleum has a 1.2:1 penalty. If you used petroleum to provide the energy to produce ethanol, you would use half as much petroleum ..assuming you used 100% ethanol as your fuel and petroleum as your processing energy source. This does really emphasize the value of fossil fuels and essentially the "freeness" and preciousness, but we need to be smart about these things. Saying ethanol doesn't acidify oil as much as petrogasoline or that it produces less net greenhouse gas, are not true statements.

Alternate energy logic is not easy, that's for sure. Brazil's advantage is sugar feedstock, but they still have their oil.
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