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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

Originally Posted by Finfan View Post
You are quite right! For whatever reason Americans have a stupid desire to drive outrageously large vehicles. Because we are so spread out we are stuck with the need for vehicles but very few people really need those massive off road vehicles that never get further off road than the driveway. The Car companies are not entirely to blame, they were just making what we were buying. I also expect that whatever American companies survive will be making much higher quality, more efficient vehicles shortly.
I really can't drive anything small like that. My son had a Fiero and I had real trouble climbing out of it. I literally had to stop drop and roll. It did not look so good at the gas station.
A Corvette is a little better and once inside I'm okay but some cars even with the seat all the way back I feel cramped.

Japaneese people are at the majority quite small so they build cars to fit them.
Germans are larger so they build cars for them. A 911 fits me quite well but still a bit cramped.
Americans are on the average LARGE due to all the steaks we've been eating.
So that's why we like the Cadillacs and the full size trucks.
That's how we roll.
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