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Default Help us simple people understand the electrical system

In order to gradually build my understanding of how the electrical system works, I have a couple questions.
Because of my interest in appying a lighting system to my bike I would like to more fully understand the electrical system so that I can feel comfortable about tinkering around without ruining something. I'm pretty proud of my little bike and I would feel terrible if I did it some serious harm. So, I would like to ask some questions to verify whether I have a good understanding of how things work.

Three wires come from my magneto. Black, blue and white.
The black and blue wires feed the coil, which in turn feeds the spark plug, from what I understand. The white wire is normally hooked to the kill switch and when shorted out will drain current from the spark plug to kill the engine.
1) Does the white wire divert current from the black or blue wire to weaken the spark, thus causing a stall?
2) Can you give me any more details about these three wires and how they operate?

The white wire contains voltage at a low amperage (or wattage?), which to me means a very weak current.
3) Do I understand this correctly?

From what I've read, the white wire has also been used to power lighting but many people do not yet understand how to hook a lighting system up to it properly and safely.
4) Can any damage be done by hooking electrical devices up to the white wire, or will the only negative effect be that the engine stalls because electricity has been diverted from the spark plug?

I read that the kill switch, instead of being connected to the white wire, can be connected to the blue or black wire (or is it blue AND black), which, because of the higher current involved will result in a faster, more dependable "kill".
5) Is this true?

Please answer as many or as few as you want. I'm not looking for lighting system details right now, just answers to some basic questions.

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