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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

The oil people already saw what happened when gas hit 4 dollars a gallon.
Demand dropped so much they lowered gas prices so they can keep on producing.
My brother in Law works for Toyota. Just came back from a family gathering in New Mexico recently he's from Arizona.
He drove one of them midsized Hybrids seats 5 with room to spare it's bigger than a Camry I forget what it's called now it's rather nice. Told me he's getting better than 50 miles to the gallon gas engine only kicks in when the batteries run low. 400 miles one way from Arizona to New Mexico and his tank read 1/2. It's a 16 gallon tank never needing to stop for gas only for bathroom and coffee breaks. So a fill up for him is good for 800 miles.
Yea the oil people did this to themselves. Now the only way to save themselves is to keep gas prices low so we can fill up our Suburbians and Hummers and not look at Hybrids so much.
But it's here.
And it's here to stay.
People still look at my bikes in awe at the gas stations.
But the frenzy is no where near what it was like when gas was at 4 bucks.
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