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Default Not even Close..

These engines are not the same. Not even close. There are at least 50 different factories and each factory has their own version. The stroke is different, The bore is different, Porting is different, Connection rods are different, Cranks are different, Pistons are different, Exhaust pipes are different, Carbs are different. some use 6mm cylinder studs, others use 8mm, Counter shaft sprockets are different. Some have larger cooling fins, and more. Now..With that said... Here is what items I have found that are similar and can work with most of the other engines. Side covers, Magnetos, CDI's, Spark Plugs, Carbs. If you buy a 70cc ring set from me and think it is going to fit a 70cc from another factory, think again. Also..There is no such thing as an 80cc 2 stroke Kit from China. It does not exist. Period.. If someone is selling an 80cc engine kit 2 stroke bicycle kit made in China, they are lying and misreprsenting their product. If you have any other questions on this. Feel free to contact me or email me. Thanks..Enjoy the ride..
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