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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

The way I heard it last was that inflation to a level like that is the way to level the playing field between this country and places like Pakistan. Cutting wages to that point would cause a revolution (and with good reason) but inflation to that point would force everyone to change their life style. Ie reach the lever of a modern third world country. Which mean more motor scooter and fewer cars. That is the way a global economy works everyone has the same (dis)advantages.

It's like government health care. Yes it becomes cheaper as they ration the medical treatments. Yours and mine falls but the uninsured get access to the system that they already use through hospital emergency rooms.

Here is a good example of non managed vs managed care.

My wife had breast cancer. We had good insurance so they cut it out, then they gave her chemo therapy starting the next week, when the was finished it was radiation beginning the week after chemo.

Now I'm told by people who live in countries with managed care that it is cut it out and see if it comes back. Then radiate if it does, then wait to see... then chemo if it comes back again.

I'm sorry, for my wife I want one from column a, one from column b, and one from column c, all at the same time not spread over a year. She is all I have between me and starvation since i can't boil water.

I think that is what they meant by $20 gasoline.
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