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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

Exactly, the point of alcohol as a fuel is it is completely renewable. Also alcohol burning engines don't produce nearly the amount of the greenhouse gases. The blowby doesn't acidify your oil either. The blowby in a gas engine acidify's your oil. That's why a good thermostat is important. You get the water to 185* and your oil goes to about 230*. The acids are boiled off and routed thru the pcv valve to the carb and out the exhaust. With alcohol as fuel the whole engine will last longer. But like Hough said you need stainless fuel lines etc. to resist the water corrosion. And in very cold weather you may need a gas injector to get the motor started. Once it warms it will run on pure alcohol. Brazil made it the number 1 fuel to fix their inflation. They made a market for their farmers and good refinery jobs, distribution, etc. All our gas stations already have fiberglas tanks and lines. It's a natural fit and the oil companies can easily convert their equipment to alcohol. The world economy worked best when a bushel of wheat and a barrel of oil was about the same price. Sorry I'm ranting..

PS. Yes these engines would run on alcohol. You'd need a bigger jet and a squirt of gas in the carb to get it started.
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