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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
By the time gas could hit $20 a gallon we wouldn't be using it for fuel anymore. There's almost no reason except the oil companies to be using it now. Every car sold in Brazil since 1986 can run on pure alcohol. The Model T was originally designed to run on alcohol. They switched to gas cause it was alot cheaper, back then. Ford 3 liter V-6's can run on alcohol or gas right now (look for the little green leaf on the emblem). Big Oil is pushing corn for ethanol but it's to keep the price high. Corn alcohol return is about 5%. Sugar beets are closer to 20%. Alcohol is a much more eco friendly fuel and it's use creates alot of very good jobs. Canada is trying to get Canola motor oil approved right now. It works great as motor oil and again totally bio-degradable. Not to even go into the fuel cell cars. We will never see $20 a gallon gas cause there will be no demand for it.
Brings up a question in my mind.
Do you suppose these things will run on Ethanol? Changes in jetting, changes in the fuel system (I've always been told alcohol is corrosive and will eat holes in carburetors)

I was puzzled as to how Brazil can run on Ethanol and do it right, but when the US tried it, all it did was trigger a feeding frenzy of futures speculation on corn and sent the price of food upwards. Made me think "Yeah, divert food crops from people's mouths to the filler necks of Escalades. Smart..."
Seems there's not as big a push now for alternative fuels, at least it's not in the press like it was last year. They brought in a huge truckload of baled switchgrass for research at the school I work at, and it's just sitting there, rotting. Wonder how much me and the rest of the taxpayers paid for that? It's probably Mil-Spec switchgrass, so I'll bet it was plenty.

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