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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....

Originally Posted by skou View Post
hey guys i simply can't comprehend why americans are complaining about fuel prices here in denmark the fuel price for ron95 uleaded is 7,04doller pr gallon and that is cheap comparred with 7,8 dollers pr gallon we paid one year ago, but we have learnt to live with it. so instead of complaining why dont people buy small import cars instead cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, same or better quality that us made cars. Or better buy some more 2wheelers
Different cultures, Skou. This country was developed and laid out on cheap gasoline, cars for Everyman, and a celebration of the "lonesome pioneers, ever pushing for wide open spaces" who, when you really look at it, were kinda anti-social.

We have no mass transit, and commute long enough to require a motor is a fact of life for the majority of the population. A great many of us work for crap wages, too, and an increase in the price of "The Precious Juice" from $2 to $3 or more puts a financial hardship on most.

We do the best we can, but hey, we're Americans, and what we do best is complain, right?
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