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Default Re: Manic Mechanic - It's a No Brainer!

!HOW! Crazy Horse here aka crazy indian joe the tower crane operator in Rockville, Maryland

Yes I operate those 300' foot tall cranes like the ones in the news a lot lately, have been falling down like New York & Miami Florida.

It's my opinion that Jim at ( Maniac Mechanic ) has thought out his price's very wisely, we have now over 10,000 + members in the forum and motorbicycling is fast becoming an economical reasonably affordable alternative transportation.

As I said motorbicycling is fast becoming a very popular alternative transportation people are catching the fever of this and thanks to people like Jim, he's a working guy's like life saver I myself can appreciate all his hard work & efforts to help guy's like myself with family's to support and not a lot of resource's to afford custom machined parts & supplies for their builds.

Jim, you are to me a modern day Henry Ford, helping to bring to the masses of people involved with building motorized bicycles beautiful strong high quality products to the motorbicycling enthusiast.

So Jim, raise your price's if you must but remember us lil guy's without a lot of cash struggling to make end's meet.

We are grateful for all your hard work and will continue to support your business as usual,
you are a blessing from the creator to us all!!!

Crazy Horse has spoken the truth!

Peace All.
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