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Default 12 Gage Spokes

Hi Everybody

Thank you everybody for this site as it has been a great source of information and reference.
I live in Australia and have built a Z80 69CC Chinese engine. 345Kms on the clock and still running the engine in.

The only modifications done so far are:-
Changed the spark plug setup to 7mm lead & NGK spark plug,
and the carburetor outlet attachment to the engine I have used high temp silicone.

I have two problems:-
1. Is were to find a new back wheel with 12 gage spokes or stronger as I have already broken 2 spokes. The current wheel rim on my mountain bike is 26 x 1.50 HE VP-20. I have been advised by our local bike shop that 12 gage spokes will not fit the current wheel with 14 gage spokes. Are Australian wheels on mountain bikes the same as in the USA? as I have read one post to this forum of 12 gage spoke wheels in the USA.

2. Black goo dripping from the exhaust and about every 100kms the engine will rev out with no control from the throttle. It seems that the needle in the carburetor is sticking. I have read from this forum that it is an air leak but how to fix?

Thanks for any advice
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