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Default Re: How to solder little stuff?

Everything they said is correct. If I was soldering this piece with a hot iron I would strip my wire, put a twist in it and put it through the hole. Then bend it back on itself. Now when you apply heat focus it on the wire and not the terminal. The terminal will get hot enough anyway and the solder will flow to it. As soon as that happens you're done and you can remove the heat.

Soldering is easy and fun when you learn to control the heat. The heat and the flux determine where the solder will flow. The solder will only stick on metal that has been exposed to flux. Either the flux in the rosin core or the flux you apply.

Sometimes on difficult solder joints I will form my wire into the shape I want first then I will remove it and 'tin' the wire. This allows me to make a joint quicker without exposing the terminal to anymore heat than is necessary.

If you get the hang of soldering your experience will apply itself to brazing as well. They are essentially the same thing just with different temperatures and materials.
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