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Default Re: 16 Tooth Sprocket

It's a matter of torque and horsepower. Ya theoretically you can gear up for say 60mph but the motor would never pull it. If you ever buy a shift kit you'll really see what your motor can do. I use to run a 44 and with the motor screaming I could just hit 35 mph. I have a shift kit now and I can hit an honest 40 mph. SBP is offering a extra sprocket with the kit and I got a 11 tooth to go with the stock 10. I wish I'd gotten the 9 tooth. I have a 8 speed rear and on a level road with little wind I can run in the 7th gear at 40 mph with the 10 tooth, motor purring nicely. With the 11 tooth it's 6th gear same speed but the motor's running faster and it won't pull the 7th gear. Downhill I can kick it up to the 8th gear and really get moving but I haven't had anyone clock me at that speed. When I figure out how to mount my GPS I'll post my max speed. Alot of the HP is used up spinning the spokes thru the air. I'm on the lookout for a deal on a set of those 3 spoke wheels. I have a expansion chamber, slanthead, custom intake, accel super stock wire to get it to do a honest 40 mph.
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