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Default Re: 16 Tooth Sprocket

I think i got a 5mph trade from switching from the old 44 tooth to a 40 tooth. The bike can do 30mph now without screaming.
36 tooth = 35mph
32 tooth = 40mph
28 tooth = 45mph
24 tooth = 50mph
20 tooth = 55mph
16 tooth = 60mph
12 tooth = 65mph
8 tooth = 70mph
4 tooth = 75mph
0 teeth = 80mph

Ya i know.. if you have zero teeth, you're only going to be able to eat soup. It would be cool to see how fast you could go by changing modifying gears and teeth though.

You're right though Matt, at some point the motor would only be adding a small percentage of power to your pedaling, if you had the gears to pedal that fast.

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