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Default Re: Ontario Bike Engine Owners

Originally Posted by canuck View Post
I see guys on road bikes just slow down and go through red lights in town all the time.I guess that is OK?

That story about the guy in Kitchener was in the KW record today - Opinions - The rules of the road can be strange indeed

It was a Moped......a different animal all together. I can see why the charges.

I am sure you could get nailed but if you cannot register the bike or use it to get the class M license for a LSM what do you do? That would be the so called "grey area" I would think?
. Almost $600 in fines ? I love to see how buddy managed to concur that up. I would of fought it I hope he is to. It's not a motorcycle. You can not register the bike either. I think I know who got pulled over to. He is on facebook in Chris hill's group I think.

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