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Default Re: How to solder little stuff?

Soldering small electrical terminals is very easy if you have the right stuff. You'll need a small electric soldering iron. A soldering pencil is the best. Clean the wire and the terminal well with a good solvent to remove any grease and allow to dry. Apply a paste flux such as No Corrode to the wire and terminal, and allow the iron to heat. Tinning the iron tip is important. By tinning I mean to melt some solder onto the tip so it appears silver. You can help this along by lightly dipping the heated tip in the flux then wipe it clean. I use a stainless steel brush to clean the tip. Once the iron is hot enough to melt the solder apply a small drop, or ball of solder to the tip then touch the area where the wire and terminal meet with the ball. Allow the molten solder to heat the joint then touch the solder to the connection and watch it flow into the wire strands and the terminal. The heat effected area is small and should not compromise the plastic parts of the switch or the wire insulation. For small stuff I like to use 1/16 or no larger than 3/32" solder, acid or flux core. Hope these tips gets you in the right direction.
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