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Default Re: Manic Mechanic - It's a No Brainer!


Glad you liked your parts

I went through a bit of a learning curve on these. I knew I could make them at a reasonable price, but it took quite a bit of tooling & custom fixturing/programming to make it happen. Fortunately the bet paid off and I think I will break even in about a month.

I'm finally catching up on the orders...Monday and Tuesday the last of the back-orders will ship and I will have inventory for wave 2.

The engine mounts are next, and I will have several hundred on-hand before I release the product on the web-site...I don't want to ever be behind the "8" ball, From a production stand point, again.

I have a lot of small, inexpensive, items that will be added to the Manic Mechanic site soon. These are products that make the build easier and cleaner.

This fall I plan on doing a line of "U-finish it" products. Part of the fun of MB's is the build...I'm going to offer a complete line of products for the guy who has tools and wants to customize his parts for his build. The operations that require heavy, expensive, equipment will be completed.

I plan on offering a variety of fuel tanks at $20.00 each.

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