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Default Manic Mechanic - It's a No Brainer!

Hello, You All!
I received my hub adapter and sprocket from Jim today. I had it on the front seat of my truck when I stopped by the machine shop to pick up a part that they had made for me. Out of couriousity I carried Jim's parts in and asked my machinist what it would cost to duplicate it if I needed another one. After much measuring and testing for hardness of the steel and aluminum alloy my cost would be for materials, set up of CNC machine, and labor would be $200 to $250. My machinist asked me who had built the part. I told him Jim at Manic Mechanic had built it. My machinist, McGyver, said that he, himself, was the best machinist in the country but he had to step down to second place to this guy.

In many posts on this forum I have read about broken spokes, misalignment of rag joint sprocket adapters, trashy bolts that come in the kit, and the time consuming effort that it takes to install the kit drive sprocket. Jim designed and manufactured parts to help make life easier for us bike builders. For less than $60 including shipping you guys (and gals) could own a piece of precision engineered equipment that will last you a lifetime.


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