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Default ZERO's First Build (Tribrid)

ok its FRIDAY JULY 17, i ordered 2 415h KMC chains from NIAGARA CYCLE WORKS also a master link and a half link and a chain breaker.... i was able to fix the stock chain with the breaker which i didnt think would have been possible but it was actually kinda easy with the took.

so now as soon as i get time im going back to the shop to put the new chain on and tighten the crap out of it with the tentioner to give it some room to stretch without having to tighten it so soon. im also going to put the other spark plug on it since it wouldnt start the last try.

my plan with the bike is to get a bigger freewheel sprocket, instead of the factory 20t i would like to find at least a 25t but i havent had any luck even finding one that i think would even fit. that would slow down the max speed of both motors, but i would like to get another 12v battery to run in series with the factory pack to get 36v so that the electric motor can keep up with the 66cc 2-stroke thats on a smaller sprocket than it needs to be on. i believe i could also run my brake light and signals on the same 12v battery without causeing any problems. and i could still charge the 24v normally and the 12v with my booster pack.

anyways that was probably a little confusing but im going to make sure about these things before i might screw anything up. i would like some help finding a bigger sprocket for the factory left hand freewheel. thanks alot for anyone who might know something about it.

Thanks... Cody Alan Wisniewski (ZERO)
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