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Default Re: $20 a gallon gas proposed.....


$4 a gallon tipped us from the edge of economic peril, but making it, into a full blown recession. Once the cascade of unpaid credit obligations (both personal and comercial) began, there was no stopping it even when gas prices dropped. I am not saying gas prices last year were the sufficient cause of the recession. Any type of expense that threw people's (and business') tenuous budgets out the window would have done it. However, the expense that came along and actually triggered the problem was the high fuel cost.

Having no more "evidence" than optimistic dreams unsupported by economic evidence that the recession is easing, do we really want to start increasing costs at every level of commercial and personal enterprise again (especially as global temps have fallen for the last several years)? Don't even get me started with the damage that imposing aditional healthcare costs will do. Just saying that healthcare reform is necessary to economic stability does not make it so...but people seem to buy it without any explanation as to how increasing costs to businesses, forcing higher prices to consumers and forcing more expense (job) cuts will help anything....but I digress.
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