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Default Re: john from north dakota

Interesting thread and I especially appreciate the links. Regarding the skate board wheel tensioner. I made one for my bike a couple of years ago and lacked a lathe or anything else since giving most of my tools away to my kids. But necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes. What I did was pretty simple using tools most anybody has and pretty hard to hurt yourself using them. I got a bolt of appropriate size to fit through the wheel and placed two large washers on each side of the wheel... then put the nut on tight so that the wheel could not spin on its bearing... then chucked the bolt into a heavy duty drill and since I no longer had a vise used a C clamp to hold the drill so that both hands were free. I turned the drill on, locking the trigger so that it kept running. Using a flat file (I had a large one so turned it on edge) I "cut" the groove as the wheel spun around in the chuck. Simple and only took a few minutes. I'm still using that wheel after I don't know how many hundred miles, a lot, and it shows no wear to speak of. Thought I'd pass that along in case you want to make one and don't have much in the line of tools.
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