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Default Re: john from north dakota

Hi John
I'm new to the forum but I had the same pain too and looks like everybody else from looking at the the threads.
I just did away with the tensioner, chucked it, and took my chain down link by link (about 4 links) with a tool made to do this with (my dad years ago gave it to me, don't know where you can buy one probably a industrial supply) anyway I was able to put the chain on using the master link but it was still to tight so I took the engine off the frame and there is a "block" as part of the rear engine mount that slides on the two bolts threaded into the engine block. I filed on the flat side of that engine mount block about a 1/4" off with a file and put it all back together and had just the right amount of slack in the chain and it works perfect. When I need to take the chain off I just take off the master link.
The way I see it if you have the proper amount of slack in the chain for operation you don't need a cheap chain tensioner that does'nt work right anyway. Right!!
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